Quote Of The Day

"What the fuck? I didn't buzz you in. How the monkey did you get in here?"- Saul; James Franco

Dubya Tee Eff!?!?!?

What the hell is with all of the messed up people in the news recently!? Though I know that that is what the news is pretty much for, today I was utterly disgusted, for a second time because some freak wanted to father his daughters children. Arcebio Alvarez or the "Monster of Colombia" was arrested on the charges of violent carnal knowledge, abusive sex acts, and incest committed against his 35-year-old daughter. The relationship started with his daughter when she was about 10 years old! SICK! (and not in the good way) As well this incest bastard has fathered 8 of her children! Seriously I don't know how many exclamation points I'm going to need to use to stress my shock. He claimed that his daughter was adopted and was not his biological daughter but blood test confirms that she was his. Nothing like this had ever "surfaced" until the Josef Fritzl case. The Austrian man who kept his daughter in a confined area in the basement of their house and physically and sexually abused her for 24 years. Throughout those 24 years she gave birth to 7 children who were also forced to live in captivity with her and she had one misscarriage. Deeeesssgusting! All I have to say is keep your parts out of your family members. Nobody want's to look like that boy from Deliverance. I can hear the dueling banjos now.

(Photos; Top: Fritzl ; Bottom: Alvarez)


Couldn't Pick

So for my Quote(s) of the day, I'm doing two quotes because this movie has quite a few exceptional quotes and I thought I would make an exception because of that.

" If heaven is such a wonderful place then how come being crucified is such a big fucking sacrifice?" - Igby; Kieran Culkin

" You know what I think when I'm this close to another body? I think one day at one moment... this body that I'm holding in my arms will stop breathing... stop living. Just... stop. One day you'll happen upon my name in the obits and you'll remember this moment when we were so close. " - Sookie; Claire Danes

Who Knew?

Recently while aimlessly searching around the intraspace I found this website, Marijuana.com. Now for sure I did NOT think that it was going to be "An Herb Garden of Knowledge"as the website deems itself. When I first clicked the link I expected it to be a link to a right wing, PTA, hate group, falsified "research" database of marijuana slander. Obviously I was wrong. Marijuana.com, a fountain of knowledge regarding, recent research, product reviews, marijuana related news and more dope conversation, literally. This site is the Onion of weed information minus the satire. Also it contains a forum where people can chat about whatever related or irrelevant topics they come up with, AND it has a recipe forum! Culinary Marijuana, to be honest I didn't expect this day to come. So today for my poorly updated Chronology that I said I would be supplying you with I shed the light on Marijuana.com. Because it's not like I'm more knowledgeable than the Herb Garden. Marijuana Myth #1) Marijuana use is increasing at an alarming rate Truth: According to government surveys of the general population, marijuana use began decreasing in 1980, after more than a decade of steady increase. By 1990, the downward trend showed signs of slowing, but use-rates remained substantially lower than those recorded in the 1970s. Thanks to Marijuana.com
Adolescence is a time of experimentation, with drug use as well as other activities. Most adolescent drug users do not go on to become "drug abusers." Indeed, most adolescent drug users, after a few years of experimentation, cease using illegal drugs altogether.

This Blows!

Well not literally, I was trying to be funny. Mostly I just think you should check out this website, glasspipes.org pretty sweet. It's an "Online community for Glass Pipes" where people post pictures of pipes they have blown and such. As well this website isn't only a home to hand made glass paraphernalia there are also other glass items you may browse and purchase online, and communities throughout the website about other things. But really glass blown art is just unbelievably mind blowing and if only I knew how, I would make so many intricate contraptions. I just think it is such an ill recognized art form. (the pictures I have chosen are all of glass pipes. . . pretty nutty, eh?)

Sweet Style

While keeping myself well updated in BOOOOOOOM!, as usual I came across Nickolej Villiger. When I went to do a little bit of research on this Calgary, AB native all I could really find were his Flickr and his Facebook. So I will just leave you with a few of his 70's style inspired prints. I love the Peace sign one. It's called "Give Peace A Chance" SO CUTE!



So I have another band to expose you to. Not so new but still good, I just found my "Big Calm" CD and haven't stopped listening to it since I've found it. Morcheeba is a British band that pretty much breaks a lot of genre boundaries. They've been around since 1995. Their sixth album, "Dive Deep" came out in 2008. The four original members went separate ways. The two remaining members, Paul and Ross Godfrey the two founding members of the band multi-instrumentalists asked vocalist Skye Edwards to leave the band. They also had another singer, Daisy Martey who wasn't nearly as good as Skye Edwards in my oppinion, was also dismembered. Then there was Jody Sternberg for their live performances and then for the Dive Deep tour the French singer Manda sang for them. They were kinda tough to get along with I suppose. Either way check them out. My favorite song is probably Shoulder Holster or Part of the Process. Their music is so chill and kinda bluegrassy mixed with Jazz mixed with pop I don't even know how to explain it because that does not give it justice at all!

53rd at 3rd

In Manhattan at 53rd and 3rd the Lipstick building resides. Standing at 453 feet tall it was built in 1986 and designed by architect Philip Johnson. Doesn't it look like a giant lipstick? Crazy! The coolest part is that it actually has a red sheen to it especially at night. It is pretty sweet looking.

Mark Ryden

These are some pictures from a painter named Mark Ryden. His Bio is pretty sweet you should def read it. The paintings are different, fantasy, surreal kind of pushing the boundaries. My favorite Galleries are The Tree Show, Blood and Gallery Three. All of them are worth taking a look at though. I love the Jimi Hendrix one and the girl crying blood one also I want to go to see his gallery in Seattle. Road Trip?