Quote(s) Of The Day

Comedian Kat Williams absolutely slays me. If you haven't seen him check it out, I've got a clip below. 

"Enjoy your god damn life, life is fuckin' short enjoy that shit. Some of you all just need to smoke some weed and see if it don't help the quality of your mother fuckin' life."

"Don't gimme that shit about it's a drug, it aint not mother fucking drug I dun done the research. It's just a plant, it just grow like that. And if you should happen to set it on fire there are some effects. But that's not the same as drugs."



AUGUST 7TH 2009 AUGUST 7TH 2009 I'm pretty excited for AUGUST 7th, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra comes out and I absolutely can not wait to see it. Not only was I all about GI Joe when I was a wee lass, but I'm all about Channing Tatum NOW. To be honest I thought that the cast would be a little more stacked but Dennis Quaid, Marlon Wayans and obviously Channing Tatum are enough to make me go. 


I'm loving Youtube right now and have found a video that I would like to dedicate to Jes.

Oh Lord

I know I have been so absent and that sucks of me. Not like anybody cares. Either way to apologize for my absence here's something that I hope makes YOU smile as much as I do. Hopefully I'll come up with something interested but until then........COURAGE