So I've been totally absent for a long time. If you care I'm sorry. First of all I just have to say something about tolerance. Today I very publicly saw a mid-50 year old man verbally berate a late-20 year old gay man. I thought times had changed and that people had become more tolerant and accepting of other peoples choices. Nobody was going up to that old man and berating him because he was smoking a cigar outside of Starbucks, or wearing socks and sandals (which I think is an absolute crime unless you're camping, hungover or it's a last resort). The man wasn't even with another man, he was just standing outside on the phone with someone giving them directions. This old bastard just out of nowhere assumed he was gay and needed him to know how his "god" feels about it. Eff yourself old man. Screw you, your beliefs, your ignorance and your audacity. He didn't choose to love men but he does, you didn't chose to be a man but you do chose to be an asshole. Give it up and mind your manners.


  1. Wow I can't believe you sat there and didn't say anything. I don't think I would have been able to stop myself from being like 'Fuck off asshole, who the hell do you think you are!' People like that I literally want to kick in the face and I hope that they all get really terrible, disgusting, painful diseases.