Quote Of The Day

" Charlie Chaplin used his ass better than any other actor. In all of his films his ass is practically the protagonist. For a comic, the ass has incredible importance" - Roberto Benigni

I See A Trend

Sick Sick Sick! But NOT in the good way. Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood are back in bed. The almost 40 year old, who might I add has a spectacular looking dating record is (legally) screwing the 21 year old (who might I add has an unfortunate looking dating record) Across The Universe alumni. Don't get me wrong, Across the Universe was a SPECTACULAR movie (minus Bono because he makes me want to rip my ears and eyes off my body). Marilyn Manson is currently practicing sexual activity with someone who does not fall within my divide in half plus seven rule but she is legal and we will give her that. To be honest I was not against ERW (that's my personal nickname for her of course) Thirteen was a pretty sweet movie, true story though I hated her Character. White Oleander, really good book, decent movie, sympathised for her character, still didn't like her. But it wasn't until she came between the lovely Miss Dita Von Teese and Mr Manson that did it. Obviously I don't care enough about their relationship to choose sides it was the transformation that bugged me. Why do people think that they need to change their entire image to please someone? It wasn't until she started dating her father...er .... I mean Marilyn, that she turned "dark"and started dressing in pin up style dress with pale skin and bright red lips. Be who you are girl! Not that I liked you that much in the first place.


I Guess Axe Really Does Work

Personally I can't stand the smell of the ever so popular Axe Body Spray(s), but a 34 year old Clarington Ontario coach apparently does. The overwhelming smell of the aerosol form pubescent boy odorizer pouring out of the male locker room must have had a major effect on her. At least enough to believe it was a good idea to romance her 14 year old team member into the back seat of her car. The two statutory fornicators were found inside of her vehicle in a rural area where the police caught them in the act while looking for a missing vehicle. The idea of a teacher and student having sex is a whole different level of gross, and I understand older women wanting to "date" younger men. But if you're 34, divide your age in half and add 7 that equals . . . . . 24! That is the age of the YOUNGEST person this pedolicious woman should even think about putting inside of her. As far as I'm concerned Axe is still heinously repulsive, teachers, coaches and parents shouldn't be diddling the young impressionable CHILDREN they are guiding and if you're going to participate in a little statutory rape situation, maybe do it somewhere a little more private than a parked car in a public area. 


How Tan is Too Tan?

How tan is too tan? I saw a girl recently who's skin wasn't even a real color. It seems that more and more girls are beginning to tan way too much, and most of them too young. Obviously they don't think about any harmful repercussions of the hours they spend laying in cancer boxes. But the one thing that I don't understand the most is how they think they look good. How can someone with naturally white skin think that a thick orange tinge is an attractive thing? Enough that they're spending hundreds of dollars and hours of their time making it happen. I'm not going to lie, occasionally I do hit the tanning beds, but not to an excess. Any person who goes for 20 minutes, more than once or twice a week is just asking for a visit from our old friend melanoma. Understandably a nice bronzy glow is attractive but take a break. As soon as you start looking like a browning carrot maybe it's time to think about laying off and going outside, seeing what some real vitamin D does for your skin. It's just as harmful, much less expensive and you don't have to lie in a bed that hundreds of other naked people have been in. 


Oh My God I LOVE!

Take a look at Martin Margiela's website I love his 2008 collection, mostly the "artisanal" garments modified by hand, such unique ideas. How I wish I could afford and pull off his brilliance. Though the shoes might need to be tracked down and purchased, no matter HOW much money I don't have to spend on them they are wonderful. Oh, and don't be fooled the website, as it states is not under construction, just simple. 


Have you seen Survivorman? I was watching it last night, this guy is NUTS! First of all he just gets dropped off into the wild in a place that he doesn't really know. Last night it was a swamp in Georgia, that would be so effing scary there was like 6 different types of poisonous snakes chillin around and alligators, he was sleeping 10 feet from the swamp in an open tree shelter thing. I wish I knew half the stuff that he knows. So he was there for a week and he has to catch all of his own food otherwise he doesn't eat and then on the last of the 7 days he has to find his way back to a meeting place where whomever picks him up. It's just him and his handy camcorder. He doesn't have a tent or anything. Seriously I can take some pretty intense wilderness but I couldn't do it all on my own. Survivorman is my new hero, plus he is sponsored by MEC which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. But I want to know how often he does this, because there's a lot of episodes and each one is like a week of his life. Does he just do it for a week, goes home and has a shower and a meal and then sets off to his next wilderness adventure? What a life!? Imagine getting payed to choose to be self-sufficient in a remote location anywhere in the world. Where would you go? What do you think would be the easiest place? What would you bring?



So as I'm sure you've heard there has been a gunplay pandemic in the lower mainland (Vancouver and surrounding areas) due to a gang problem. Unfortunately BC has been deemed Canada's "gang capital". Which I find very unfortunate obviously, since I live here. The problem has left almost more people dead than the amount of days that the shootings have been happening. I'm not going to do the research and give you the dates and circumstances of them all, I'm not THAT dedicated, if you care, look it up. The most disturbing of the shootings happened on Monday, a woman and her four year old son were driving in Surrey (of course) and her car was sprayed by gunfire, leaving her dead at the wheel of her car and her son unharmed (thankfully) but scared. The car was then directed off the road by a trucker who saw. That is bloody ridiculous and ruthless. These people are clearly not smart but you'd think that they would have some sort of moral decency enough to not shoot a woman in front of her four year old son leaving him without a parent. His father is a whole different story not even wanting to take custody of his own son. 

But I have been sidetracked, the main reason that I am so confused about it is the news. A man was on the news today talking about the gang violence and he didn't lay the blame on the "bosses" or the gang members, nay, he said that the real way to stop this gang warfare is to thwart the purchase and trading of MARIJUANA! I'm sorry but if you and I stopped buying weed (no matter how good our business is) it would not stop this feud. This guys head was clearly stuck somewhere in his rectum and he should seriously think about having it removed before he addresses the general public on national television again. If weed really was the problem wouldn't Amsterdam have a lot more gang wars happening? You don't hear about too many shootings or gang problems in Amsterdam, because they're all HIGH and probably too lazy! It's the expensive drugs like cocaine and heroin that are causing people to flip their shit. Maybe they should smoke a little more weed and then they wouldn't have to go out and kill anybody. Though I'm no expert in things that make people kill I am quite sure that the people purchasing weed are not the cause of the problem and haters should just back the shit off and move to a red state if you have a problem. We live in BC home of the best weed in the world so chill the fuck out and smoke one. Maybe then they'd be too lazy to drive their armored cars out to shoot at some people that they have most likely had no direct problems with. 


First blog post, this is pretty momentus I'm not going to lie I'm a little nervous as to how I will be recieved. The first thing....well I guess second thing I have to say is a little bit like a disclaimer. All ideas and oppinions are obviously that of my own otherwise I would not be sharing them. Unfortunately if you don't agree with what I have to say that sucks, as you are reading MY thoughts and if you have a problem that you feel needs to be voiced let me know, I'll read what you have to say, I'm open to other ideas, if I don't agree you will know and that's that. So enjoy or don't enjoy, your choice. Either way I'll do what I do and I promise that my next post will be much more substantial and interesting.
"..if you don't like my fire, then don't come around,
'cause I'm going to burn one down..."

Ben Harper - Burn One Down