I See A Trend

Sick Sick Sick! But NOT in the good way. Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood are back in bed. The almost 40 year old, who might I add has a spectacular looking dating record is (legally) screwing the 21 year old (who might I add has an unfortunate looking dating record) Across The Universe alumni. Don't get me wrong, Across the Universe was a SPECTACULAR movie (minus Bono because he makes me want to rip my ears and eyes off my body). Marilyn Manson is currently practicing sexual activity with someone who does not fall within my divide in half plus seven rule but she is legal and we will give her that. To be honest I was not against ERW (that's my personal nickname for her of course) Thirteen was a pretty sweet movie, true story though I hated her Character. White Oleander, really good book, decent movie, sympathised for her character, still didn't like her. But it wasn't until she came between the lovely Miss Dita Von Teese and Mr Manson that did it. Obviously I don't care enough about their relationship to choose sides it was the transformation that bugged me. Why do people think that they need to change their entire image to please someone? It wasn't until she started dating her father...er .... I mean Marilyn, that she turned "dark"and started dressing in pin up style dress with pale skin and bright red lips. Be who you are girl! Not that I liked you that much in the first place.


  1. Okay this may come as a shock but I actually like EWR. Yes it's completely creepy that she's dating Marilyn.. or should I say BRIAN but she rocked my world in ATU. People change and I think her having the money to go full out makes the change more easily drastic. I know my style is not as all the same nor am I the same person than I was in highschool. For some people there are moments in their lives when something happens to them that changes them dramaticly, doesn't mean they're not being themselves. Its just really too bad that the moment for her was hooking up with Marilyn Manson. I guess the real test of her character will be after they break up, which lets face it is going to happen eventually. Marilyn is just as perverted as Hugh and he'll still be fucking babies when hes 90.

  2. I understand your point, the thing I guess I left out the part that they did break up and 3.2 seconds afterward she died her hair strawberry blond . . . . and started seeing Micky Rourke which is disgusting in itself. Now that they're back together or "reportedly" back together she's died her hair chocolate brown again. Not black but dark. For me it was more about how she totally followed after Dita's style. You know?