So as I'm sure you've heard there has been a gunplay pandemic in the lower mainland (Vancouver and surrounding areas) due to a gang problem. Unfortunately BC has been deemed Canada's "gang capital". Which I find very unfortunate obviously, since I live here. The problem has left almost more people dead than the amount of days that the shootings have been happening. I'm not going to do the research and give you the dates and circumstances of them all, I'm not THAT dedicated, if you care, look it up. The most disturbing of the shootings happened on Monday, a woman and her four year old son were driving in Surrey (of course) and her car was sprayed by gunfire, leaving her dead at the wheel of her car and her son unharmed (thankfully) but scared. The car was then directed off the road by a trucker who saw. That is bloody ridiculous and ruthless. These people are clearly not smart but you'd think that they would have some sort of moral decency enough to not shoot a woman in front of her four year old son leaving him without a parent. His father is a whole different story not even wanting to take custody of his own son. 

But I have been sidetracked, the main reason that I am so confused about it is the news. A man was on the news today talking about the gang violence and he didn't lay the blame on the "bosses" or the gang members, nay, he said that the real way to stop this gang warfare is to thwart the purchase and trading of MARIJUANA! I'm sorry but if you and I stopped buying weed (no matter how good our business is) it would not stop this feud. This guys head was clearly stuck somewhere in his rectum and he should seriously think about having it removed before he addresses the general public on national television again. If weed really was the problem wouldn't Amsterdam have a lot more gang wars happening? You don't hear about too many shootings or gang problems in Amsterdam, because they're all HIGH and probably too lazy! It's the expensive drugs like cocaine and heroin that are causing people to flip their shit. Maybe they should smoke a little more weed and then they wouldn't have to go out and kill anybody. Though I'm no expert in things that make people kill I am quite sure that the people purchasing weed are not the cause of the problem and haters should just back the shit off and move to a red state if you have a problem. We live in BC home of the best weed in the world so chill the fuck out and smoke one. Maybe then they'd be too lazy to drive their armored cars out to shoot at some people that they have most likely had no direct problems with. 

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