I Guess Axe Really Does Work

Personally I can't stand the smell of the ever so popular Axe Body Spray(s), but a 34 year old Clarington Ontario coach apparently does. The overwhelming smell of the aerosol form pubescent boy odorizer pouring out of the male locker room must have had a major effect on her. At least enough to believe it was a good idea to romance her 14 year old team member into the back seat of her car. The two statutory fornicators were found inside of her vehicle in a rural area where the police caught them in the act while looking for a missing vehicle. The idea of a teacher and student having sex is a whole different level of gross, and I understand older women wanting to "date" younger men. But if you're 34, divide your age in half and add 7 that equals . . . . . 24! That is the age of the YOUNGEST person this pedolicious woman should even think about putting inside of her. As far as I'm concerned Axe is still heinously repulsive, teachers, coaches and parents shouldn't be diddling the young impressionable CHILDREN they are guiding and if you're going to participate in a little statutory rape situation, maybe do it somewhere a little more private than a parked car in a public area. 

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  1. Fuck I thought everyone knew the half your age plus 7 rule. Aparently the urge to seduce a 14 year old was too strong. **shudder**