How Tan is Too Tan?

How tan is too tan? I saw a girl recently who's skin wasn't even a real color. It seems that more and more girls are beginning to tan way too much, and most of them too young. Obviously they don't think about any harmful repercussions of the hours they spend laying in cancer boxes. But the one thing that I don't understand the most is how they think they look good. How can someone with naturally white skin think that a thick orange tinge is an attractive thing? Enough that they're spending hundreds of dollars and hours of their time making it happen. I'm not going to lie, occasionally I do hit the tanning beds, but not to an excess. Any person who goes for 20 minutes, more than once or twice a week is just asking for a visit from our old friend melanoma. Understandably a nice bronzy glow is attractive but take a break. As soon as you start looking like a browning carrot maybe it's time to think about laying off and going outside, seeing what some real vitamin D does for your skin. It's just as harmful, much less expensive and you don't have to lie in a bed that hundreds of other naked people have been in. 

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