First blog post, this is pretty momentus I'm not going to lie I'm a little nervous as to how I will be recieved. The first thing....well I guess second thing I have to say is a little bit like a disclaimer. All ideas and oppinions are obviously that of my own otherwise I would not be sharing them. Unfortunately if you don't agree with what I have to say that sucks, as you are reading MY thoughts and if you have a problem that you feel needs to be voiced let me know, I'll read what you have to say, I'm open to other ideas, if I don't agree you will know and that's that. So enjoy or don't enjoy, your choice. Either way I'll do what I do and I promise that my next post will be much more substantial and interesting.
"..if you don't like my fire, then don't come around,
'cause I'm going to burn one down..."

Ben Harper - Burn One Down

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