Dubya Tee Eff!?!?!?

What the hell is with all of the messed up people in the news recently!? Though I know that that is what the news is pretty much for, today I was utterly disgusted, for a second time because some freak wanted to father his daughters children. Arcebio Alvarez or the "Monster of Colombia" was arrested on the charges of violent carnal knowledge, abusive sex acts, and incest committed against his 35-year-old daughter. The relationship started with his daughter when she was about 10 years old! SICK! (and not in the good way) As well this incest bastard has fathered 8 of her children! Seriously I don't know how many exclamation points I'm going to need to use to stress my shock. He claimed that his daughter was adopted and was not his biological daughter but blood test confirms that she was his. Nothing like this had ever "surfaced" until the Josef Fritzl case. The Austrian man who kept his daughter in a confined area in the basement of their house and physically and sexually abused her for 24 years. Throughout those 24 years she gave birth to 7 children who were also forced to live in captivity with her and she had one misscarriage. Deeeesssgusting! All I have to say is keep your parts out of your family members. Nobody want's to look like that boy from Deliverance. I can hear the dueling banjos now.

(Photos; Top: Fritzl ; Bottom: Alvarez)

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  1. Umm EWWWWWWWW! Wouldn't that like severly fuck up the children.. not just mentally cause their father and grandpa is the same person and there mother is also their sister!!! but wouldn't their dna's just not work out together and make fucked up babies??