So I have another band to expose you to. Not so new but still good, I just found my "Big Calm" CD and haven't stopped listening to it since I've found it. Morcheeba is a British band that pretty much breaks a lot of genre boundaries. They've been around since 1995. Their sixth album, "Dive Deep" came out in 2008. The four original members went separate ways. The two remaining members, Paul and Ross Godfrey the two founding members of the band multi-instrumentalists asked vocalist Skye Edwards to leave the band. They also had another singer, Daisy Martey who wasn't nearly as good as Skye Edwards in my oppinion, was also dismembered. Then there was Jody Sternberg for their live performances and then for the Dive Deep tour the French singer Manda sang for them. They were kinda tough to get along with I suppose. Either way check them out. My favorite song is probably Shoulder Holster or Part of the Process. Their music is so chill and kinda bluegrassy mixed with Jazz mixed with pop I don't even know how to explain it because that does not give it justice at all!

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