Who Knew?

Recently while aimlessly searching around the intraspace I found this website, Marijuana.com. Now for sure I did NOT think that it was going to be "An Herb Garden of Knowledge"as the website deems itself. When I first clicked the link I expected it to be a link to a right wing, PTA, hate group, falsified "research" database of marijuana slander. Obviously I was wrong. Marijuana.com, a fountain of knowledge regarding, recent research, product reviews, marijuana related news and more dope conversation, literally. This site is the Onion of weed information minus the satire. Also it contains a forum where people can chat about whatever related or irrelevant topics they come up with, AND it has a recipe forum! Culinary Marijuana, to be honest I didn't expect this day to come. So today for my poorly updated Chronology that I said I would be supplying you with I shed the light on Marijuana.com. Because it's not like I'm more knowledgeable than the Herb Garden. Marijuana Myth #1) Marijuana use is increasing at an alarming rate Truth: According to government surveys of the general population, marijuana use began decreasing in 1980, after more than a decade of steady increase. By 1990, the downward trend showed signs of slowing, but use-rates remained substantially lower than those recorded in the 1970s. Thanks to Marijuana.com
Adolescence is a time of experimentation, with drug use as well as other activities. Most adolescent drug users do not go on to become "drug abusers." Indeed, most adolescent drug users, after a few years of experimentation, cease using illegal drugs altogether.

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