Motoi Yamamoto, another great gift from BOOOOOOM! Though I don't have much to tell you about this amazingly unique artist as I can't find anything about him online really. Basically he uses salt to make these large pieces of floor art. He's pretty much nuts, I'll keep trying to put in more research time to update you on his installments. As well, it reminds me of those Art Attacks! That would happen on tv sometimes and it was short, a british guy would take random things and make a giant picture on a field or something of the sort, same idea but these are way more intricate.


  1. thats freaking brilliant! I couldn't imagine how much work it would take to not fuck those up. good find!

  2. I almost want to try but it would be way too messy and not as good. The one that's a wall is super crazy though. How do you get salt to stand up. wouldn't it just spread out?