Crrrrazy Nuts Birds!

These things are my new heroes! Macgregor's Bird of Paradise aka Macgregor's Giant Honeysucker aka
Macgregoria Pulchri (like the italics? I'm like a dictionary). The bird is a little bit bigger than a ruler, black and lives in New Guinea. But these simple looking black birds do nuts shit when they're mating or trying to mate. They are monogamous birds and the male does a fun little dance and show to attract a mate and there's different kinds of moves and colors. The pictures are of the same birds! They're unique, way to be your own people....er..birds. It's on Planet Earth, I am obsessed with those DVD's. Biggest geek ever but watching nature in high definition is like seeing it up close and that's even more intense. And to think that they had no budget to shoot these movies is even more insane. Who is funding these films and can they fund my life please? They can film it and sell it on DVD's I don't care, if I had an unlimited budget I would travel all around the world and buy so much shit and take all my friends . . . . okay I'm a dreamer, what can I say, I'm quite off topic of the birds. 

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  1. Can we please get baked and watch Planet Earth soon?? And also look at the trailer for the new disney movie Earth! We should probably go see it together