I Am Officially Disappointed In People

Today I am officially disappointed in people. People who have been raised in a home where I am most likely sure that they learned rights and wrongs. Wrongs like theft or vandalism. It's unfortunate to know that some people will be so nice to your face and act like a genuine friend or someone who is interested in your life and even goes to the point of saying that if anything were to "go down" they would be on your side. Someone who says that they would stand up for you and your well being in a situation in which you need help, but is completely bullshitting you to your face. It is truly sad that when I opened my home to someone who was a friend of a friend would disrespect my hospitality and steal from my friend, steal something from my house not knowing who's it was. Then proceeding to slash ONE tire of a person who he probably hadn't even said one word to. It's bothering to know that these people one day will potentially have children of their own. Children that they will have the biggest influence on the way that they represent themselves than any other person. To think that one day these vandals, thieves, murderers, hard core drug dealers and gang members will be raising spawn of their own (or not raising) and taking on their views, beliefs, mannerisms, and ideas scares the shit out of me. Say what you mean, do unto others as you want to be done to you and man up to your "mistakes".

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