I Am So Happy This Is Happening

If you have been wondering what has been going up downtown on the Eastside at the site of the old Woodwards building, check it out. Art-chitect Gregory Henriques has designed a multi-purposed giant of a building to inhabit some of the space. "The project is an exciting attempt to, in a single stroke, remake a depressed community"- Globe and Mail. This is truly a vision of how to start cleaning up Vancouvers most troubled streets, in my oppinion.

The building is home to 536 suites. So here's the breakdown; 40% of those suites are going to non-market housing! Basically that means that in this building there will be a vast mix of "classes". . . . a true social expirament. This building will also house SFU's new Centre for the Contemporary Arts, the National Film Board, a Nesters market, the first bank to move back into the downtown east side, and non-profit organizations. Best of all, it won't be a flop. All of the units sold out in the short time of 8 hours! I don't know of anything like this happening before and I think it is absolutely wonderful. There was a lineup around the block the night before the sales office opened. This is the first time EVER that there has been such beautiful real-estate mixed with low income housing. I am so excited for Gregory Henriques, this really is a one of a kind idea and the perfect time to have it moving in. The project will be up and running sometime between May and June and the students will move in months later. I suggest you go check this sustainable building out. Thumbs up Gregory!

".....This is as good a project, program and site and client group that I could ever imagine having. If this is the end of my career then I'm okay with it. I've done more than I ever thought I could do in one life." - Gregory Henriques


  1. thats awesome. It's about time good things started happening in the dt east side. That neighbourhood is slowly but surely getting back on track which is awesome to see because it's such a unique part of town. A couple of really sweet art galleries are poppin up in the area as well. We should totally go check them out sometime!

  2. Sure! As long as I don't have to drive through a crackhead parade and asiatown.