So apparently there's no bloggers block happening here. I feel that I should get my ideas and thoughts all out at the time that I am thinking of them or else they'll be unauthentic. Or I might forget to say something and we wouldn't want that. Here's a little bit of what I like to call "Chronology" a little bit of random tidbits about my favorite recreational drug. . . . marijuana.
I think it's only right to start from the beginning. 

"Marijuana" is the Mexican name for the plant that is known to botanists as Cannabis Sativa. In Africa it's "Dagga", China "Ma", Northern Europe "Hemp", India "Bhang" (that one's my favorite), "Ganga" and "Charas". India has the most names for it. . . they must like it a lot. It most likely originated in Central Asia but now grows in almost any climate and has been cultivated for at least 5,000 years. Also, it is one of the oldest commodities not grown for food. From this plant you can make paper, rope, canvas and clothes.  


  1. I bet we have more names for it than India.. Weed, Cronic, Pot, Dope, Marijuana, Grass

  2. Ya fair enough, I don't think that they're slang names though I think that they're actual words for it in their language does that make sense? I don't really know how to articulate what I'm thinking right now. Slightly wine-headed