Oh What A Day!

So I'll start this post of by saying that Friday was a pretty random day for me. Worked sucked, as usual and I thought that I had plans with a girl that I had used to work with but they were cancelled and ended up doing what I actually wanted to do which was get some stuff done around the house and hang out with my good friend Cheese. I began the night off by picking her up at her house and we proceeded to my house. We then gathered up all of the bottles, cans and other recyclable drink containers and I expertly tetris packed them all into my hatchback. Worried about time we killed two birds with one stone and smoked a bowl in my car before heading to the Bottle & Return it Depot. Though we had no idea where it was or what time it was open until we were lucky to find that it was where we thought it would be and it was open, I think we were the last two people there and were probably frustrating the couple who I assume ran it. After we did our good deed and cashed in on our alcoholism ($40 later) we topped my car up with some gas and headed off on our wonderful adventure. Dinner was the one and only Pita Pit, of course it was delicious though the girl looked like she could have been 10 years old and when I asked her what the special sauce tasted like I'm pretty sure she said "It's a secret" or nothing I couldn't tell cause she was pretty quiet. From there we headed down towards the Marijuana Party Bookstore, planning on only buying a long stem I was in for a big surprise. It took hours of contemplation for me to finally decide to purchase my new baby, the fabulous piece of art in the picture(s) above ( a big thank you to Stu for his pipe modeling skills). A hand crafted "Hippo" pipe. I was having a difficult time deciding if I should spend the money on it but the wonderful people that work in the bookstore gave me a very large discount and said they had wanted it to go to a good home and could tell that I really wanted it. This pipe was my unicorn, I must have gone in there 10 times and looked at this pipe every time saying that it was my dream to own it and now I do. 


  1. Unfuckingrealllllll day! Love the reverse in the window portion of the pipe.. super sick! Maybe one day I'll have my own line of Cheese pipes and bongs. If so I will make a giant bong thats a seahorse and a mermaid!

  2. "this pipe was my unicorn."

    awesome sarah, awesome.

  3. haha thanks, it was the only analogy I could think of to explain how unattainable I thought it was.