HEY! Check These Guys Out

That is if you haven't already. They are The Rifles, from Chingford London and came out with their first CD "No Love Lost" in 2006 and have come out with 3 since. The band is made up of Joel Stoker (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Luke Crowther (Lead Guitar), Robert Pyne (Bass/Backup Vocals) and Grant Marsh (Drums). I'm having a tough time trying to group them in with another artist to give you an idea of what they sound like. Their music parents would have to be like if Franz Ferdinand (who's CD Tonight I am totally infatuated with and it's pretty much constantly on in my mind), The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Razorlight all had an orgie and a baby was created it would be The Rifles. Even in some of their songs there's a pinch of Kings of Leon. It's amazing, I'm having an eargasm right now just listening to them. And BY THE WAY their music parents are all pretty much some of my all time fav bands (minus Razorlight because I've only recently come to love them). So I suggest you take a gander at these english blokes.
My top 5 favorite Rifles songs (for your downloading convenience to get a good taste):
1. Robin Hood
2. Waterside
3. Repeated Offender
4. She's Got Standards
5. Holiday In The Sun (Has kind of an old school english punk vibe, LOVIN IT! London Falling mixed with Anarchy In the UK but more chill)

I hope you enjoy, I know I do. Happy listening!

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